Best Dish Towels Review

In this review we are going to look at some of the best dish towels currently on the market. The classic tea towels are all made from 100% cotton, which ensures that they’re both absorbent and will hold up well, and even make it through frequent heavy usage.

Image Name Size Material Amazon Rating
Fecido Fruity Kitchen Collection 19x27100% cotton4.9 out of 5
Full Circle Terra Towels 15x25100% organic cotton4.7 out of 5
Roseberry Linen Kitchen Towels 19x31100% cotton4.8 out of 5

Fecido Fruity Kitchen Collection Complete Set Dish Towels

Heavy Duty - Super Absorbent - 100% Cotton - The Best European Tea Towels With Fruit Design, 10 Pack

The first of these nice kitchen towels that we’re going to look at are made by the brand Fecido. These are imported European dish towels, made of 100% cotton.
The Fecido Kitchen Towels feature a checked pattern, with a cute fruit design. Each towel measure 19 by 27 inches and are very thick and super absorbent. On top of that, these dish towels are lint free, so you won’t have to worry about them leaving behind lint residue, when you’re done using them.

These classic tea towels have been tested to make sure that they have long lasting durability and performance, so you can rest assured that your towels will make it through, even if you use them to wipe the dishes after a large dinner party!

These cute dish towels come in Red with Strawberries, Yellow with Lemons, Blue with Cherries, Green with Apples and Black with Grapes.

Each package contains two of each color (10 in total).

Full Circle Terra Towels Organic Cotton Dish Towel, Set of 3

These lovely organic cotton towels are bright and colorful, and bound to spice up any kitchen.
They’re made from 100% organic cotton, so you know you won’t be exposing yourself to harmful chemicals when using them.
Further more, although they’re bright, the dyes used to create the pattern are non-toxic. The color holds up well, and they’re still super bright, even after several washes.

These cotton towels are soft right out of the package, and the printed areas don’t feel any different than the unprinted, which can sometimes be the case. They remain soft after being washed, and might even become a bit softer.

The absorbency is great, and these organic towels absorb a lot of water and manage to dry off even the wettest dishes! The don’t leave behind any lint, so you won’t have to worry about that either.

These lovely organic cotton dish towels come in two different color patterns; Morning Bloom (green with print) and Evening Flight (natural with print).

Kitchen Towels Highly Absorbent, Low Lint, 100% Cotton Dish Towels

High Quality Check Print. Tea Towels, 19 X 31. Bleachable Towels From Roseberry Linen

These soft 100% cotton kitchen towels from Roseberry Linen are a great addition to any kitchen. They feature a checked pattern with a cute heart border. They’re made of 100% cotton, and are bleach proof, which means that you can keep the white parts white, even longer, without sacrificing the nice color of the hearts and pattern.

They are imported directly from Portugal and are super soft. However, when it comes to finding the best kitchen towel, soft means little if they aren’t absorbent. That’s not something you have to worry about with these cuties though, as they are both absorbent and lint free.

Because they are larger and denser (19x31 Inch and 450 GSM) than most other dish towels, it takes much more water for these to get soaked through, which is great as it means that you can use them longer without them losing their absorption abilities.

The checkered kitchen towels come in black, blue, red and green.

Best dish towel maintenance

We always recommend making sure you wash your dish towels at the appropriate temperature. Some of the best dish towels can take very high temperatures without losing quality or fading, whereas others need a slightly more delicate wash.

Further more, you want to avoid using fabric softener, when it comes to keeping your dish towels in prime condition. We know that the feel if a soft dish towel is hard to beat, however, fabric softener leaves a film on the fabric of the towel, which greatly limits the absorption of the towel which kind of defeats the purpose of buying the best dish towels in the first place.

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